Memoirs of the life of William-Henry Cranstoun, Esq

Publication Date1752
RemainderIn which his education and genius are consider'd. A great variety of incidents in the junior part of his life, to the time of his marriage with Miss Murray in Scotland, particularized. A true and impartial account of that marriage. Some anecdotes of his courtship. The proceedings of the Supreme Court in that kingdom concerning the said marriage, which they confirmed, fully related. His amours in London, before his acquaintance with Miss Blandy. The whole affair of Miss Blandy considered; with some remarks on her trial; in which (supposing all the facts sworn against her to be true) her innocence is rationally accounted for. Also a particular and curious anecdote, never yet made publick
PublisherPrinted for J. Bouquet, at the White Hart in Pater-noster-Row


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