A letter to the Rev. Mr. Elliot, A.B. chaplain of St. George's-Hospital, Hyde-Park-Corner, London; relating to his sermon, preached at Christ-Church, Spital-Fields, on Sunday the 21st of January, 1759

Publication Date1759
RemainderAnd since published, entitled, Encouragement for sinners; or Righteousness attainable without works. Wherein is shewed, that by misapplication of texts of scripture, and by misconstruction of the eleventh article of the church, and false argumentations, assertions are therein laid down, by way of conclusions, contrary to the true meaning of both, productive of the most pernicious consequences, in the mischievous cause of enthusiasm
PublisherPrinted for S. Parker, in the High-Street: and sold by R. Baldwin, in Pater-noster Row, London




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