The Harangues, or speeches

Publication Date1762
Remainderof several celebrated quack-doctors, in town and country. Containing, 1. Dr Rock's harangue to his political patients in Covent-Garden. 2. Dr Rand's speech, in prose and verse. 3. The High German doctor's, and his English fool's harrangue, with the quack's invitation to his auditors, to buy his infallible packet, in humorous verse. 4. The horse-doctor's speech to the credulous mob. 5. T. Jones's harangue, the Yorkshire quack. 6. Alexander Bendo's speech to the gentlemen and ladies of Great Britain. 7. Jo. Hains's speech the High German doctor and astrologer in Brandipolis. 8. R. Wilmore's harangue in praise of his divine elixir. 9. Don Lopus's harangue to his patients at Madrid, with a brace of songs, translated from the Spanish by an impartial hand. Concluding with the character of a quack, several merry receipts, and three mountebank songs. By various hands.
Publisherprinted for J. Thomson in the Strand


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