A guide to adventurers in the lottery

Publication Date1786
RemainderOr, plan of the Amicable Society of Lottery adventurers; Instituted 21st of October, 1783, and held at No. 22, Exchange Alley, Cornhill, London. Containing I. The rise, progress, and design of the Amicable Society of Lottery Adventurers, with some remarks upon Lotteries. II. The full cases submitted to Counsel, relative to the legality of this institution, with their opinions thereon. III. A particular statement and demonstration of the methods adopted for the security of the Members or Subscribers. IV. A Table of the Dividends upon every Prize, and agreement with Subscribers, for the English State Lottery, 1785. V. A description of the numerous frauds attempted under the pretences of Subscription Societies, particularly in country towns and villages, with such cautions as will prove generally useful and important. VI. Observations upon chances and policies, with plain rules to ascertain their real value, and avoid deception
Publisherprinted at the Logographic press, Printing-House-Square, Black-Friaks



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