An examination of Mr. Chubb's discourse on miracles

Publication Date1742
RemainderContaining, Sect. I. An enquiry into his definitions. Sect. II. His first principle in his VIIth sect. demonstrated to be false, and beside the question. Sect. III. His 2d, 3d, and 4th principles in the same sect. proved subversive of found theism, and to lay a foundation for every kind of superstition. Sect. IV. His 5th principle proved inconsistent with the moral character of God-both false and impious. Sect.V. His 8th sect. examined, and something offered to moderate and allay the triumphs of some gentlemen, upon this his wonderful performance. Sect. VI. His demand of universality, in favour of revelation vouched for by miracles, shewn to be absurd and unreasonable. Sect. VII. The grand objection to a revelation, from its not being universally made known, considered. Sect. VIII. Remarks upon Mr. Chubb's reasonings; in which an answer to above objection is given upon his own principles, and from which the receiver of the Christian revelation is fully justified, and the rejecter thereof absolutely condemn'd. Address'd to Mr. Thomas Chubb. By a Layman
PublisherPrinted for J. and H. Pemberton, at the Golden Buck in Fleetstreet; J. Davidson, at the Angel in the Poultry; and J. Brackstone, at the Globe in Cornhill



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