A discourse upon the nature and cause of sudden deaths

Publication Date1732
RemainderAnd the Reason why such Numbers of People died suddenly in the Years 1730 and 1731; with the most proper Indications both to discover the Danger, and prevent the fatal Stroke from taking Effect. To which is added, A Dissertation upon Bleeding in a Fit of the Apoplexy; with Remarks upon the Case of an illustrious Person that lately dy'd abroad upon his Travels. To which is prefix'd. A Preface in Defence of the Theory of Medicine, against the Cavils and Exceptions of some late Writers: Clearly demonstration, that Hippocrates, Galen, and all the great Ancients grounded their practical Indications upon Principles, and a Theory. By Nicholas Robinson, M. D. And a Member of the College of Physicians, London
Publisherprinted for T. Warner, at the Black-Boy, in Pater-Noster-Row




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