The law of executions

Publication Date1706
Remainderor, a treatise shewing and explaining the nature of executions in several rules, and who may sue execution or not, and against what persons. By and out of what Court Execution to be Awarded. The several Sorts of Execution, and when to be Sued out. To what time Execution shall relate, as to Lands, as to Goods. Executions joint or several. Capias ad Satisfac'. Fiori facias, how the Property of the Goods is altered by the Sheriffs Seizure, or not. Stat. 29 Car. 2 c. 3. explained. Habere fac' possessionem. What Execution after Ca' Sa', Elegit, &c. Scire-Facias, the Nature and Reason of it, and Process. Elegit. Levari facias. Extent, the Nature of it. Of Re-Extent. Stat. 32 ... 8. c. 5. explained. What Things are extendible, and in hands of whom. Where the Conusee, &c. shall hold the Land over. Execution in reference to the King's Prerogative. Liberate. Statute Merchant, Staple, and on 23 H. 6. the Diversity of their Natures. Recognisances. Scire facias on Recognisance against the Bail; and Pleadings. Declarations and Pleadings on Statutes and Recognisances. Pleas after Judgment. Of Discharging of Executions by several ways. Of Restitution. All Illustrated and Explained, in Subdivisions, by our Book Cases, Reports, and Presidents. By S. C. Esq; author of Lex custumaria.
Publisherprinted by the assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins Esqs; for Robert Battersby, at Staple-Inn-Gate, next the Bars in Holbourn


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