The debates at the East India House

Publication Date1795
RemainderOn Wednesday, the 14th of October, 1795. To consider the Proceedings of the Court of Directors, on the Resolution of the General Court of the 29th of May last, respecting the payment of the Law Expences incurred by Warren Hastings, Esq. When The following Resolutions moved by Mr. Alderman Lushington, were discussed and adopted. I. ``that this Court observe with great concern, that their Resolutions of the 2d and 3d of June, with respect of the payment of the Law Expences incurred by Warren Hastings, Esq. in the late Impeachment, and for granting him an Annuity, as a reward for his services to the East India Company, have not been carried into effect. II. ``that it is the opinion of this Court, that the said Law Expences may become a charge upon the Revenues in India, and be paid with the consent of the Commissioners for the Affairs in India. III. ``that the Chairman, and Deputy Chairman, be requested to wait upon the Right Honourable the Commissioners for the Affairs of India, and to express the earnest wish of this Court, that they be pleased to concur in the payment of the Law Expences of Mr. Hastings, and in granting an Annuity to him agreeably to the Resolution of this Court.'' With a brief statement of the account given by the Chairman, at the last General Court, held on Wednesday, the 17th Instant, of what had passed between the Board of Commissioners, their President, and himself and the Deputy Chairman, since the 14th of October, in consequence of the preceding Resolutions. To which is prefixed a summary of what passed at the Quarterly General Court. On Wednesday, the 16th of September, 1795. Reported by William Woodfall
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