A catalogue of a large collection of useful and valuable books

Publication Date1762
RemainderOf the most approved Authors, in all Languages, Arts, and Sciences, and in the several Branches of Learning, including a A very good collection of architecture, Many of them beautiful Impressions and very scarce, with several other Libraries and Parcels of books, all lately purchased: Among many others are the following in Folio. Viz. L'architecture, par Desgodetz, scarce Inigo Jones's Designs, by Kent fine Copycampbell's Vitruvius Britannicus, 3 v. Ruins of Palmyra, Balbec, and Athens Ware's Body of Architecture Chambers's Civil Architecture Kirby's Perspective in Architecture, 2 v. Gibbs's Designs, and Rules for Drawing Swan's Designs, and British Architect. Rapin, Tindal, Guthrie, Ralph, Echard and Smollet's History of England Clarendon's Rebellion and Life, 4 vol. Universal History, 8 vol. Burnet's Reformation, 3 vol. ... Thoroton's Nottinghamshire, fine copy Burton's Leicestershire, very scare Dart's Cantebury, large and small p. Biographia Britannica, 5 vol. Hughes's History of Barbadoes Cambden's Britannia by Gibson, 2 vol. Dictionaries, viz. Johnson, 2 vol. Chambers, 2 vol. Postlethwayte, 2 vol. Bayle, 5 vol. Ainsworth, 2 vol. and Harris, 2 vol. Fox's Book of Martyrs, 3 vol. l. p. Grafton's and Holinshed's Chronicles Guy's Bible, Russia, Eleg. Houbraken's Heads of illustrious Persions, large paper Blair's Chronological Tables, fine copy Locke's Works, 3 vol. Raleigh's History of the World, 2 vol. Grabe Septuagint, 2 tom. Loon's Histoire Metallique, 5 tom. Miller's Gardener's Dictionary Smith and Bloom's History of the Bible Wood's Body of Conveyancing, 3 vol. Bacon's new Abridgment, 4 vol. ... Fountains in the Gardens at Rome, 2 v. Brook Taylor, and Pozzo's Perspective Leoni, Ware, and Cole's Palladio Vignola and Scamozzi's Architecture Motraye's Travels, 2 vol. Lily's Practical Register, 2 vol. best edit. Salkield, Shower, Vernon, and Saunders's Reports Jacob's Law Dictionary Which will begin to be sold (very Cheap for ready Money only) (the lowest Price printed in the Catalogue) On Monday, Feb. the 15th, 1762, and will continue Daily Selling. By A. Webley, Bookseller, At the Bible and Crown in Holborn, near Chancery-Lane. Where is given the full Value in ready Money for any Library, or Parcel of books, particularly in Architecture.


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