The complete wall-tree pruner

Publication Date1783
Remainderor Principles of Pruning and Training all sorts of Wall Fruit Trees, and Espaliers, In the most Improved Degree of Perfection and Fruitfulness; Systematically Explained by a New Scientific Plan, never before attempted. Comprehending The Completest Practical Directions for performing all the different Operations of Pruning and Training all Sorts of Wall Trees and Espaliers, in the most successful Manner, according to their different Modes of Bearing, and in their several Stages of Growth, from the earliest State of Training to their utmost Maturity, and latest Duration, whereby to have them always Prosperous, Beautiful, and abundantly Fruitful. Consisting of Common Wall Trees, Half Standard Wall Trees, High Standard Wall Trees, Espalier Trees, &c. comprehensively explaining the respective Orders of Training, different Modes of Bearing, several Sorts of Bearers, various Kinds of Branches and Shoots, Fruit Buds, Fruit Spurs, and all other Parts of the Trees in their different Ways and Habits of Growth, describing accordingly the peculiar and most effectual Methods of Pruning, both for occasional and general Practice. With full Explanations of the whole Process and true Principles of First Pruning and Training, General Pruning, Summer Pruning, and Winter Pruning. The Whole being Systematically displayed, according to an eligible New Plan, is peculiarly calculated to render all the different Operations of Pruning easily comprehended, and successfully practised, that every one may prune his Wall Trees, &c. with the utmost Facility, and Certainty of having them in the highest State of Perfection, and Bearing; the Fruit large, fair, and of superior Quality. Also, A Complete Register of all the different Species and respective Varieties of the best Fruits, with their Times of ripening, &c. By John Abercrombie, (oxford Street (319.) London.) Author of Every Man His Own Gardener, The British Fruit Gardener, and other Works no Gardening
Publisherprinted for S. Bladon (no. 13.) Pater-Noster Row


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