The terms, or Conditions of national unanimity established upon just principles; and recommended at this juncture, to be serious consideration of the subjects of these kingdoms

Publication Date1756
RemainderA sermon upon I Peter iii. 8. finally be ye all of one mind, &c. preached at St. John's, in Southwark, May the 29th, 1756. Before the laudable and loyal association of antigallicans assembling in horsely-down; and published at the unanimous request of the said association, it being the anniversary of their establishment. By John Free, D.D. vicar of East Coker in Somersetshire, Thursday lecturer at St. Mary-Hill, London, and lecturer of Newington in surry
PublisherPrinted by E. Owen, near Chancery-Lane, Holborn; and sold by Mr. Sandby, at the Ship, oppositte St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-Street. and Mr. Cooke, at the Royal-Exchange


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