A catalogue of several large collections and parcels of books

Publication Date1785
Remainderpurchased since June 1785, in most languages, arts and sciences; containing a great Number of very rare Books: A fine Collection of Books of Prints, Prints, &c. The Library of a German Gentleman, Containing the best Authors in that Language. A great Number of French and Italian Books, and a large Collection of Tracts and Pamphlets. The Books in general are in exceeding good Condition, many of them in fine Preservation, and in elegant Bindings. Which are now selling remarkable cheap, for Ready Money only, By Henry Chapman, bookseller, No. 7. Old Round Court, Strand; near Chandois Street. Catalogues to be had of the following Booksellers; Mr. Hayes, No. 332. Oxford Street; Mr. J. Walker, Paternoster Row; Mr. Collins, Change-Alley; Mr. King, New Broad Street; Mess. Fletcher's, Oxford; Mess. Merril's, Cambridge: and at the Place of Sale. N. B. At the same Place may be had (price 6d.) A large Catalogue of Twenty Thousand Volumes of Books, published June 1, 1785, many of which remains unsold. N. B. The full Value given for any Library, or large Parcel of Books. - Books exchanged


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