A catalogue of near ten thousand volumes of curious and scarce books

Publication Date1783
Remainderin which are included A good Collection in Divinity, A small Law Library, And a large and uncommon Collection of Tracts, In near Three Hundred Volumes, Collected by Dr. Mead; Amongst which are many very rare. Which will begin selling August 1, 1783, very cheap, for Ready Money only, At No 27. Snow Hill. Catalogues to be had, with Prices printed, at Mr. Collins's, Bookseller, Change-Alley, facing the Royal Exchange; Mr. Henry Chapman, Bookseller, Old Round Court, Strand; Mr. Hayes, Bookseller, Oxford Street, near Argyle Street; and at the Place of Sale. N. B. Catalogues of the Law Library may be had separate. No Country Orders can be attended to, but what are for Ready Money, nor any Books delivered from the above Catalogue, till paid for.

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