A catalogue of near forty thousand volumes of choice books

Publication Date1782
RemainderContaining the Libraries of the late Rev. Dr. T. Winchester, Rector of Appleton, Berks; And the Rev. Dr. Richardson, Rector of St. Anne's, Westminster, And of several other curious Collections; ... D. Halicarnass. Hudsoni, 2 t. Strabo, 2 tom. ch. max. Polybius, Casauboni Caesaris, a Clarke, corio turc. Hist. Script. Romanae, 3 t. cor. russ. Erasmi Opera, 11 tom. ch. max. Hollinshed's Chronicle, 2 v. in russia Catte's Hist. of England. 4 v. Rushworth's Collections, 8 v. Journals, &c. of Lords and Commons, 76 v. State Trials, 11 vol. Blomefreid's Norfolk, 5 vol. ... Sloane's Jamaica, 2 v. in russia Folio, Brown's Jamaica Chauncy's Hertfordshire Thoroton's Nottinghamshire Dictionaries, viz. Biograph. Brit. and Bayle, 12 v. - Richardson's Persian Dict. 2 v. - Chambers, 2 v. - Postlethwayte, 2 v. - Johnson, 2 v. - James, 3 v. - Calmet, 3 v. - Bayle, 5 v. - Ainsworth, 2 v. - Collier. 4 v. - Trevoux, 10 v. - Bayle & Oeuvres, 9 v. - Savary, 5 v. - Richelet, 3 v. - Chaufepe, 4 t. - Martiniere, 10 v. - Espanola. 6 t. - De la Crusca, 6 t. - H. Stephani Thesaur. 5 t. - R. Stephani Thesaur. 4 t. - Hoffmanni Lexicon, 4 t. - Constantine & Scapulae-Hesychii Lex. 2t. -Ducange Gloss. 6 t. - Hickes Thesaur. 3 t. - Dufresne Gloss. & Supple. 10 t. ... De la Jaye Bib. Polyglotta, 10 t. Cooper's Anatomy, l. p. in russia Hippocrates & Galen, 9 t. cor. russ. A compleat and fine Set of Philosoph Transactions at Large, 4to. And many Hundred others equally good, which will be sold, for Ready Money only, this Day, February 1782, and continue on Sale till all are sold, By Thomas Payne and son, booksellers, Next the Mews Gate, in Castle Street. St. Martin's. Catalogues to be had, with Prices printed (price 6d) at Mr. Sewell's, Bookseller, Cornhill; Mr. Owen's, Bookseller, near Temple-Bar, Fleet Street; Mr. Lewis, Bookseller, Russel Street, Covent Garden; Mr. Walter, Bookseller, at Charing Cross; Mr. Ridley, Bookseller, St. James's Street; Mr. Robson, Bookseller, New Bond Street; of the Booksellers at Oxford and Cambridge, and at the Place of Sale. Where may be had the full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books.

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