A catalogue of a very large and curious collection of books

Publication Date1784
RemainderIn which are included the Libraries of Samuel Crisp, Esq; of Surrey, The Rev. Dr. Kennicott, of Oxford, And the Rev. Mr. Green, Deceased; And several other Collections; Also a great Number of scarce Pamphlets. Amongst the Books are, viz. Folio. Homer, Eustathii, 4 t. chart max. cor. russ. Idem. 4 tom. ch. max. cario russ. Glasg. Plato, Serrani, 3 t. corio turcico Astonomici Veteres, corio turc. ap. Ald. Politian, corio turcico ap. Ald. Theodori Gazae, corio russ. ap. Ald. Herodotus, Gr. lin. rub. elegantis. ap. Ald. Plutarchi, 2 t. cor. russ. - Vitae, Lat. 2 t. corio turc. 1478 Caesar, a Clarke, corio russ. eleg. Ptolemaeus, a Serveto, corio russ. Valerius maximus, edit, princeps, corin turc. Herodotus, Gronovii, chart. max. corio russ. Strabo Geograph. 2 t. chart. max. Montfaucon, 15 t. grand papier Mezeray Hist. de France, 3 t. moroq. blue Voyages par Le Bruyn, 3 t. grand papier Les Artes & Metiers, complete Blackwell's Herbal, 2 v. coloured, russia Sloane's Jamaica, 2 v. Brown's Jamaica Spence's Polymetis, best edition Florae Danicae, 5 t. colorat. Numismata, a Pembroche, ch. max. russ. Dict. de Moreri, 10 t. meilleur edition Meninski Lexicon, 5 t. in 4. H. Stephani Thesaurus Ling. Lat. 5 tom. chart. max. Biblia Heb. a Bomberg, 4 t. corio russ. Scheuchzeri Physica Sacra, 4 t. elegantis. Augustinus de Civitate Dei, cor. russ. 1470 Test. Gr. corio turcico Mabillon de Re Diplomatica Norden's Travels, 2 v. l. p. State Trials, 11 v. l. p. russia Dugdale's Monast. Anglic. 5 t. russia - Warwickshire, russia - Summons Chauncey's Hertfordshire Harris's Voyages, 2 v. russia Churchill's Voyages, 6 vol. Which will be sold, for Ready Money only, this Day 1784, and continue on Sale till all are sold, By Thomas Payne and Son, booksellers, At the Mews Gate, in Castle Street, St. Martin's. Catalogues to be had, with Prices printed (price 6d) at Mr. Sewell's, Bookseller, Cornhill; Mr. Owen's, Bookseller, near Temple-Bar, Fleet Street; Mr. Lewis, Bookseller, Russel Street, Covent Garden; Mr. Walter, Bookseller, at Charing Cross; Mr. Robson, Bookseller, New Bond Street; of the Booksellers at Oxford and Cambridge, and at the Place of Sale. Where may be had the full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books

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