A catalogue of a valuable and extensive collection of books

Publication Date1788
RemainderContaining many rare and curious Articles, in the finest Preservation and elegant Bindings. Also a large Assortment in every Branch of Scientific and Polite Literature; including the entire Library of the Rev. Mr. Allen, late of Dorking in Surry, and several other Collections recently purchased. Among them are, Atkin's Gloucestershire, L. P. russia Bayle's Dictionary, 5 vol. russia Chambers's Dictionary, 4 vol. ... Whitlock's Memorial, best edit. Guilliam's Heraldry, best edit. Ruins of Balbeck, by Wood Patrick, Louth, and Whitby, 6 vol. new and elegant. Bible, Royal Paper, printed by Baskerville, elegant, in russia Spelman's Glossarium Twysdeni Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores X. eleg. comp. in cor. russia Biographia Britannica, 7 vol. Hughes's Barbadoes, L. P. Peck's Stamford Peck's Curioso, russia Spence's Polymetis, russia James's Medical Dictionary Plat's Oxfordshire Anstis's Order of the Garter Bacon's Abridgement, 5 vol. ... eleg. Boyle's Works, russia extra Gibbon's Rom. Hist. 3 vol. rus. eleg. Ferguson's Rom. Republic, rus. el. Dodridge's Family Expos. 6 v. russia Milton's Poetical Works, 3 v. russia Saunderson's Algebra, 2 vol. eleg. Smith's Opticks, 2 vol. Worsley's Isle of Wight Terentius Westerhovi, 2 tom. T. Livius Drakenborch, 7 tom. Baskerville's Addison, russia extra Bacon's Works, russia Cooke's Voyages Evelyn's Silvia, russia Grose's Antiquities, 7 vol. russia Monthly Review, complete Parliamentary History, 24 vol. Rapin's England, 21 vol. Rollin's Works, complete Baskerville's Classics, 6 vol. eleg. Biographical Dictionary, ... Which are selling very reasonable by Shepperson and Reynolds, booksellers, binders and stationers, No. 137, Oxford-Street, Who give the full value for Libraries or Parcels of Books, or exchange Books 1788.

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