A catalogue of a most curious and valuable collection of prints

Publication Date1786
Remainderdrawings, books of prints, and portfolios; Collected with great Care, and at a great Expence, by the late Jonathan Blackburne, Esq; of Liverpool. This collection consits of Near Ten Thousand of the finest Impressions of Historical and other Prints, both Ancient and Modern. The Historical Prints, Landscapes, &c. by Marc. Antonio, Rubens, Rembrandt, Raphael, Vandyke, Mic. Angelo, Albert Durer, Hollar, Visscher, &c. &c. A great Number of the finest Foreign Portraits by Drevet, Edelinck, &c. &c. The Engraved English Portraits by Faithorne, White, Hollar, Cross, Pass, &c. &c. &c. The English Portraits in Metzotinto by Smith, Faber, M`ardel, Becket, &c. &c. Which will be sold by auction, By Mr. Hutchins, At his rooms in King-Street and Hart-Street, Covent-Garden, On Monday, the 20th of March 1786, and the Twelve following Evenings, (sundays excepted) at Six O'Clock. To be viewed on Friday the 17th, and till the Sale. Catalogues may be had of Mr. Hutchins. - Price 2s. 6d
Publisherprinted by Thomas Wright, Leeds

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