A catalogue of a large and curious collection of books

Publication Date1779
RemainderContaining several libraries lately purchased, In all Languages and Faculties; Amongst great Numbers of valuable Articles are the following, viz. Folio Hollinshed's Chronicle, 3 vol. Rymer's Foedera, 20 tom. in 10 vol. Madox's Exchequer, 2 vol. l. p. Plott's Staffordshire, l. p. morocco Purchas's Pilgrims, 5 vol. Spelman's Glossary, best edit. H. Stephani Glossar. Gr. St. Chrysostom, 13 tom. Edit. Benedicti Nov. Test. Gr. cor. turc. R. Steph. Bacon's Abridgment, 5 vol. Year Books, 9 vol. Repertorium Juridicum Precedents in Chancery Bracton de Legibus, corio turt. Rhetores Graece, compleat Comment. in Aristotelis omnes Willoughby on Birds - on Fishes R. Stephani Thesaurus, 4 tom. cor. russ. Chronique de Monstrelet - de Froissart Plinii Hist. Naturalis, 3 tom. Tanner Biblioth. Britan. - Monasticon Constantini Lexicon A compleat and fine Sett of Philosophical Transactions to the present Time State Trials, 10 vol. Dugdale's Monasticon, 3 tom. - Warwickshire - Baronage - Origines Juridiciales Thoresby's Nottinghamshire Stukeley's Itinerary, Stone-Henge, and Abury, 4 vol. mariana's Hist. of Spain, l. p. Ancient and Mod. History, 24 vol. Norden's Travels, 2 vol. l. paper Harris's Voyages, 2 vol. Hakluyt's Voyages, 3 vol. Voyages par Le Bruyn, 3 tom. James's Dictionary, 3 vol. Bayle and Biograph. Brit. 12 vol. Vocab. della Crusca, 6 vol. Diccionar. Espanola, 6 tom. H. Stephani Thesaur. Gr. 5 tom. Hickes Thesaur. Ling. Septentrion. 3 tom. Meninski Thes. Linguar. Orient. 4 tom. Giggei Thesaur. Ling. Arab. 4 tom. Encyclopedie, 28 tom. Du Fresne Glossarium, 6 tom. Pindar - Oxon. Caesaris Comment. a Clarke Xenophon, Gr. - ap. Ald. Plutarchi Opera, 2 tom. Par. Diodorus Sicusus, 2 tom. Polybius, Casauboni Homer, 4 tom. ch. max. Glasg. Biblia Hebraica, a Houbegant, 4 tom. Montfaucon, 15 tom. gr. pap. Graevius & Gronovius, cum Suppl. 57 tom. Hayes's Birds, coloured Hippocratis & Galen, 9 tom. Sandrart Academ. Ars Pict. Ramelli's Machines Bieau's Atlas, 12 vol. De Liste's Atlas, l. paper And many others equally good, which will be sold, for Ready Money only, this Day, July 1779, and continue on Sale till all are sold, By Thomas Payne and Son, booksellers, Next the Mews Gate, in Castle Street, St. Martin's. Catalogues to be had, with Prices printed (price 6d) at Mr. Sewell's, Bookseller, Cornhill; Mr. Owen's, Bookseller, near Temple-Bar, Fleet-Street; Mr. Lewis, Bookseller, Russel Street, Covent Garden; Mr. Walter, Bookseller, at Charing Cross; Mr. Ridley, Bookseller, St. James's Street; Mr. Robson, Bookseller, New Bond Street; of the Booksellers at Oxford and Cambridge, and at the Place of Sale. Where may be had the full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books

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