A catalogue of the very curious and valuable musical library of antient and modern compositions, by the most eminent masters, from the sixteenth century to the present time

Publication Date1798
RemainderConsisting of madrigals, services, oratorios, oded, trios, concertos, canzonets, catches, motetts, anthems, operas, duets, sonatas, lessons, canons, masses, Psalms, cantatas, songs, serenetas, voluntaries, glees, &c. &c. by tallis, tye, child, gibbon, purcell, bird, blow, tudway, bull, morley, carissimi, leo, feo, pergolesi, stradella, lotti, palistrina, marcello, stephani, clari, porpora, handel, haberman, pepusch, rameau, richter, gluck, bach, matherson, Claude le June, Philidore, and more than three hundred and fifty Italian, English, German, and French composers, the greatest part in excellent preservation, and collected through a series of years, with infinite care and judgment, by the Late W. and P. Hayes, doctors in music, oxon. N.B. Lot no. 377, is a choice and valuable collection of songs of Henry Lawes, written by himself, and valued by Dr. P. Hayes at ?50. This capital collection in deposited at Smart's Music Warehouse, the cornor of Argyll Street, Oxford Street, London, by appointment of the administrators. Where it may be viewed; the whole of which is made into lots, with the prices annexed in the catalogue, which will be delivered to the purchasers when the money is deposited, and the lots are to be taken away at thier own expence. At the same time will be sold, a fine-toned harpsichord, warranted to be made by the celebrated Rooker of Antwerp, in perfect and high preservation, with a curious painting inside the lid


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