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Publication Date1795
Remaindernumber I. Price one shilling. (to be continued weekly.) And, part I. Price ten shillings and sixpence, (containing no.I. to X. inclusive,) of The gardener's and botanist's dictionary; containing The best and newest Methods of cultivating and improving the Kitchen, Fruit, Flower Garden, and Nursery; of performing the Practical Parts of Agriculture; of managing Vineyards, and of propagating all Sorts of Timber Trees. By the late Philip Miller, F.R.S. Gardener to the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries at their Botanic Garden in Chelsea, and Member of the Botanic Academy at Florence. To which are now first added, A complete Enumeration and Description of all Plants hitherto known, with their Generic and Specific Characters, Places of Growth, Times of flowering, and Uses both Medicinal and Oeconomical. The whole corrected and newly arranged, With the Addition of all the modern Improvements in Landscape Gardening, and in the Culture of Trees, Plants and Fruits, Particularly in the various Kinds of Hot-Houses and Forcing Frames: With plates explanatory both of them, and the Principles of Botany. By Thomas Martyn, B.D. F.R.S. Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge. Printed for F. and C. Rivington, No 62, St. Paul's Church-Yard; and the rest of the proprietors. Conditions. I. This Work will make two large Volumes in Folio, and be handsomely printed on a new Pica Letter, and fine Demy Paper. II. A Number, containing Four Sheets, will be delivered every Saturday, stitched, Price One Shilling, until the Whole is completed. III. For the Convenience of those who prefer a more speedy Mode of Publication, this Work will also be delivered in Parts, each containing Forty Sheets, sewed in blue Paper, Price Ten Shillings and Sixpence. A Part will be delivered at the End of every Ten Weeks. IV. In the Course of the Work will be given, Gratis, a Set of Copper Plates, elegantly engraved, exhibiting a general Illustration of the Science of Botany. Also various Plans, and Designs for Green-Houses, Stoves, Ice-Houses, &c. &c
PublisherPrinted by Bye and Law, St. John's Square, printers, Clerkenwell


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