Dictionarium botanicum

Publication Date1728
Remainderor, a botanical dictionary for the use of the curious in husbandry and gardening. Containing The Names of the known Plants in Latin, English, &c. Their Description. Their Culture or Management rendered easy and familiar, whether Domestick or Exotick; so that the Name of a Plant being known, the proper Direction for its Improvement in the Garden is to be found in the same Article. The Terms used in every Branch of Botany explain'd. A Work never before attempted. ... . By R. Bradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F. R. S.
Publisherprinted [by Samuel Aris] for T. Woodward at the Half-Moon over-against St. Dunstan's-Church in Fleetstreet, and J. Peele at Locke's-Head in Pater-Noster-Row




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