Wilson's Dublin directory, for the year 1767

Publication Date1767
RemainderContaining, An Alphabetical List of the Names, Occupations, and Places of Abode, of the Merchants and Traders of the City of Dublin. To which are added, The Chief Magistrates of the City of Dublin, from the second Year of King Edward II. to the present Time. Baronets of Ireland, with the Dates of their Creation, from the first Institution of that Order and Dignity in this Kingdom. Aldermen, with their Years of Election. Officers of the Militia. Dean and Chapter of Christ-Church. Dean & Chapter of St. Patrick. Ministers, Curates and Church-Wardens of the several Parishes. Physicians. Surgeons. Barristers at Law, with the Dates of their Admission. Attornies of the Courts of King's-Bench, Common-Pleas, and Exchequer. Solicitors of the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer. Advocates and Proctors in the Civil & Ecclesiastical Courts. Public Notaries. Common-Council, for three Years next ensuing the 24th of December, 1765. Masters, Wardens and Clerks, of the twenty-five Guilds. To these are prefixed, An Alphabetical List of all the Streets, Lanes, Alleys, &c. in the City and Suburbs of Dublin; with their Situations in respect to each other; and References for finding them in the Map of modern Dublin, which is so contrived, that the Situation of any Place may be instantly found. Being, A proper Supplement to Watson's Almanack
Publisherprinted for Peter Wilson, removed from Dame-Street to the upper Blind-Quay


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