An historical list of horse-matches run

Publication Date1764
Remainderand of plates and prizes run for in Great-Britain and Ireland, in the year 1763. Containing, I. The Names of the Owners of the Horses that have Run as above, and the Names and Colours of the Horses also. II. The Winner distinguished of every Match, Plate, Prize, or Stakes. III. The Conditions of Running, as to Weights, Age, &c. and the Places in which the loosing Horses have come in. IV. A Table of Weights that Horses are to carry for Give-And-Take Plates, from Twelve to Fifteen Hands high. V. An Alphabetical List of Stallions, with the Number and Names of the winning Horse of each Stallion's get, in the Years 1751, 1752, 1753, 1754, 1755, 1756, 1757, 1758, 1759, 1760, 1761, 1762, and 1763. VI. A List of the principal Cock-Matches of the present Year, and who were the Winners and Loosers of them, &c. &c. &c. With an Index to the Whole. By Reginald Heber. Vol. XIII
Publisherprinted for the Author, by Samuel Chandler, at Holborn-Bars


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