The theory of comets

Publication Date1757
Remainderillustrated, In Four Parts. I. An Essay on the Natural History and Philosophy of Comets; being the Substance of all that has been hitherto published on that Head. II. Tables, containing the Elements of the Theory of a Comet's Motion, (in a Parabola or an Ellipsis) with their Nature and Use explained. III. The Method of constructing the Orbit of any Comet, and computing its Place therein; its Latitude and Longitude, as seen from the Earth or Sun; its Distance, Velocity, Magnitude, Length of Tail, and other Particulars relative thereto. IV. The Method of delineating the visible Path of a Comet in the Heavens, on the Surface of Celestial Globe; and for drawing the Trajectory by Protraction with Scale and Compasses. The whole adapted to, and exemplified in the Orbit of the Comet of the Year 1682, whose Return is now near at Hand. By Benjamin Martin
Publisherprinted for the author, at the Sign of the Visual-Glasses and Globe, two Doors below Crane-Court, in Fleet-Street



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