The description and use of a new invented pocket reflecting microscope

Publication Date1739
RemainderWith a Micrometer. The Power of Magnifying by this Microscope, and the use of the Micrometer in Measuring small Objects therein, made plain and easy by calculations. The Method of adapting this Microscope into a Walking-Cane, or Whip. The Description of an Universal Microscope, or the Method of mounting the Microscope on a Ball and Socket that renders it of universal Use. The Double Micrometer described, and its Use in the universal Microscope explained. The way of computing the Power of Magnifying in Telescopes, and of measuring the Heavenly Bodies by the Double Micrometer, fitted thereto. Instructions for rightly using the Microscope, Telescope, &c. The whole illustrated with Copper-Plate Figures. By Benj. Martin
Publisherprinted by William Lee, and sold by the author in Chichester, and Mr. John Noon at the White-Hart in Cheapside, London




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