Bibliotheca literaria; seu librorum maxime? insignium catalogus: containing a very curious and uncommon collection of Books in most Languages, relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland

Publication Date1723
Remainderof Foreign Countries, the Fathers, Common, Civil and Canon Law, Divinity, Sculpture, Architecture, Painting, Mathematicks, Voyages, Romances, Poetry, Physick, Anatomy, Natural History, Trade, &c. Classicks in Usum Delph. Par. Edit. cum Notis Variorum, and printed by Vascosan, Colinaeus, R. Stevens, and Elzevir senr. Amongst which are Spelman's Councils, 2 vol. Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum, 3 vol. Pere Montfaucon, Grand Papier; Mezeray, 3 vol. Edit. non chastree; Leoni's Palladio, 5 vol. 1st Edit. Statutes at large, 3 vol. most of the Reports; Field's Bible, 2 vol. with fine Dutch Cuts, bound in Russia: Likewise several Manuscripts on Vellum, relating to the Laws of England, &c. which formerly belonged to the Famous Mr. Lambard. Which will begin to be sold very cheap (the Price mark'd in each Book) by Charles Davis, at Dick's Coffee-House in the Little-Piazza, Covent-Garden, on Tuesday the third of December, 1723. at Nine of the Clock in the Morning. Catalogues may be had gratis at Mr. King's, in Westminster-Hall; Mr. Stokoe's, at Charing-Cross; Mr. Franklyn's, under Tom's Coffee-House, Mr. Woodman's, under Will's, Covent-Garden; Mr. Lintott's, in Fleetstreet; Mr. Osborn's, by Grays-Inn-Walks; Mr. Strahan's, in Cornhil; Booksellers: at the Chapter Coffee-House in Pater-Noster-Row; and at the Place of Sale.


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