Book-Keeping methodiz'd

Publication Date1757
Remainderor, a methodical treatise of merchant-accompts, according to the Italian form. Wherein The Theory of the Art is fully explained, and reduced to Practice, by variety of suitable Examples in all the branches of trade. To which is added, A Large Appendix, containing, I. Descriptions and specimens of the Subsidiary Books used by merchants. II. Monies and Exchanges, the nature of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, and Bills of Parcels. III. Precedents of Merchants Writings, peculiar to England, Scotland, and common to both. IV. The Commission, Duty, and Power of Factors. V. A short History of the Trading Companies in Great Britain, with an account of her exports and imports. VI. The produce and commerce of the Sugar Colonies; with a specimen of the accompts kept by the factors or storekeepers; and an explication of wharf and plantation accompts. Vii. The produce and commerce of the Tobacco Colonies; with a specimen of the accompts usually kept by the storekeepers. Viii. The method of keeping accompts proper for Shopkeepers or Retailers. IX. A dictionary, explaining abstruse words and terms that occur in merchandise. By John Mair, A.M
Publisherprinted by Sands, Donaldson, Murray, and Cochran, for W. Sands, and A. Kincaid & A. Donaldson


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