Ancient masonry

Publication Date1736
Remainderboth in the theory and practice, demonstrating the useful rules of arithmetick, geometry, and architecture, in the proportions and orders of the most eminent masters of all nations, viz. Vitruvius, Bramante, Julio Romano, Michael Angelo, Carlo Cesare Osio, Andrea Palladio, Vincent Scamozzi, M. J. Barozzio of Vignola, Sebastian Serlio, Daniel Barbaro, L. B. Alberti, P. Cataneo, P. de Lorme, Viola, J. Bullant, Julian Mau-Clerc, J. Berain, Sebastian le Clerc, Claude Perault, Inigo Jones, Sir Christoph. Wren, &c. &c. &c. And also of the Cariatides, Persians, French, Spanish, and English. Together with Their most valuable designs for Temples, Triumphal Arches, Portico's, Colonades, Piazza's, Arcades, Frontispieces, Gates and Doors, Windows, Niches, Entablatures, Pediments, Capitals, Festoons, Trophies, Ballusters, Balconies, Ballustrades, Cieling-Pieces, Chimney-Pieces, Floors, Pavements, Arches, Groins, Stair-Cases, Roofs, Obelisques, Ornaments, &c. The Whole interspersed with Critical Remarks and Observations on each Master, Illustrated by above Three Thousand Examples, engraved on four hundred and ninety four large folio copper plates. With a Dictionarial Index, explaining the Term of Art used herein. By B. Langley.
Publisherprinted for, and sold by the author, at Parliament-Stairs, near Old Palace-Yard, Westminster ; J. Milan over-against the Admiralty-Office; ; and J. Huggonson, Printer, in Chancery-Lane


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