Bibliotheca Showereana: or, a catalogue of the library of the late Learned and Reverend Mr. John Shower

Publication Date1716
RemainderBeing A Collection of very Valuable Books in Greek, Latin, French, Italian, and English; of the best Editions, and neatly bound, gilt, or letter'd. Which will begin to be sold by auction, at the Crown Coffeehouse behind the Royal Exchange, on Wednesday the 2d of May, 1716, beginning every Evening at Six a-Clock exactly till the Sale is ended. By Thomas Ballard, Bookseller, at the Rising-Sun in Little-Britain. Where Catalogues may be had, also at Mr. Mount's on Tower-Hill, Mr. Crouch's and Mr. Harrison's at the Royal Exchange, Mr. Bateman's and Mr. Matthews's in Pater-Noster-Row, Mr. Innys's in St. Paul's Church-Yard, Mr. Brown's at Exeter-Change and Temple-Bar, Mr. Fox in Westminster-Hall, Booksellers, and at the Place of Sale.


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