Bibliotheca Dickensoniana: or, a catalogue of the library of the late learned William Dickenson, One of the Chirurgeons of St. Thomas Hospital

Publication Date1719
RemainderContaining A Choice Collection of very Ancient and Valuable Books, in most Languages and Faculties, chiefly Physick, Chirurgery, Chymistry; Divinity, Philology, History, in Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, and English; and of the most celebrated Printers, viz. Aldus, Vascosan, Colinaeus, Plantin, Gryphium, Rob. Hen. & Car. Stephens, Caxton, Wynken de Word, Pynson, &c. amongst which are a large Collection of very ancient Bibles and Common-Prayers in Folio, and the First Edition of Homer, very fair; with several Mss. on Vellum. Which will begin to be sold the Fair Way, (the Price being fix'd in the first Leaf) at Daniel Brown's warehouse in Exeter Exchange in the Strand, on Monday the first of June, 1719, beginning at Nine a-Clock in the Morning: Where Catalogues may be had; as also of Mr. King in Westminster-Hall, Mr. Mears without Temple-Bar, Mr. Clements in St. Paul's Church-Yard and at Oxford, Mr. Strabam in Cornhill, Mr. Mount on Tower-Hill, Booksellers: Price 6 d. Those who lay out Ten Shillings to have their Money return'd. NB. The Books may be view'd on Tuesday and Wednesday the 26th & 27th of May, at the Place of Sale, and no other time till it begins.


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