The St. James's register

Publication Date1736
Remainderor, taste a-la-mode. Contents. (which the Readers are desir'd to peruse with Attention.) The Rev. rake: Being Faithful Memoirs of the Progress of a - his Ways and Art of Management with a Woman; his Letter to B. C. (now married, and made a Lady) and, lastly, concluding with his Lady's Journey to London, in a violent Ill Humour, on hearing of his Amours. The Dutchess's Taste. See the Frontispiece. A- F- to Count Tranvillo. A Real Case. In which Epistle it is made appear, that Great Men are often guilty of very little Actions. The rival concubines: Being an Epistle from Dr. Anodyne's Daughter, to a Young Lady in great Despair. To which is added, a familiar Discourse between Jane Shore and Fair Rosamond. Tartuffe's Banquet: Or, a Key to the Picture, lately publish'd. Vanella in Mourning; with a Pill double gilt, to comfort her. The C- rake: Or, Alexis in Drury-Lane. Being an exact Description of a late Adventure. Faithful Memoirs of Sir J. M. who was a great Sufferer by the C- C-, a Dealer in Stocks, and many Other Things and Commodities. The Buxom Lady. Inscrib'd to a Gentleman noted for his Skill in Surgery and Anatomy. Woman convinc'd: Being an Epistle supposed to be written by a certain great Poet, and inscrib'd to a very pretty Lady, (an intolerable Wit!) and which Epistle was, by her very great Lord, forbid to be printed; so that, had not this little, diminutive, Very Great Poet (luckily) preserv'd a Copy of this Epistle deliver'd in MS. the Publick had intirely lost the Benefit of reading so mere a Trifle. F-l's Labour. An Epistle to Miss N-, lately promoted
Publisherprinted and sold by Edmund Cook, near Ludgate-Hill



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