Statical estimates of the materials of brewing

Publication Date1784
Remainderor a treatise on the application and use of the Saccharometer; An Instrument constructed for the purposes Of regulating to advantage the Oeconomy of the Brewhouse; And of establishing the Means of producing Uniform Strength in Malt-Liquors; Including a definite Estimate of the intrinsic Value of different Malts, the Produce of English, Scotch, and Foreign Barley; the specific Gravities of Worts, from which several Kinds of Ale and Porter are made; the Attenuation of the Density of fermentable Fluids, by the Action of Fermentation; the Portion of Spirit generated by that Action, in Beers of different Lengths; the Mode of estimating the Strength or Inebriating Quality of fermented Liquors; with some Propositions for effecting a very considerable Saving in the Consumption of Malt. By J. Richardson
Publisherprinted for G. Robinson, Pater-Noster-Row; J. Sewell, Cornhill; T. Browne, at Hull, C. Elliott, at Edinburgh, Luke White, at Dublin, and T. White, at Cork


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