Positively the last night

Publication Date1796
RemainderBy permission of the Rev. the Vice-Chancellor, and the Worshipful the Mayor. In the Concert Room At the Black Bear, Shoemaker-Row, This Evening, Saturday, May 14th, 1796, will be presented A Divertisement, Comprising the following Subjects, by George Saville Carey. With a Poetical Apology. Part I. Mr. Incledon-Ma chere Amie. Air in the Manner of Rubinelli. Mrs. Wells-Charming Fellow. Mr. Dignum-Sally in our Alley. The Savoyards in London. Messrs. Barry, Garrick, and Smith, contrasted in King Richard the Third. Part II. The Etonians at Salt Hill. Mr. Kemble-Henry the 5th. Mr. Henderson-Shylock. Too late for Dinner,-A Story taken from Life. Shakspeare, on Degree and Order in Society. Serenade in the Jubilee, after the manner of Messrs. Bannister and Dignum. Part III. Madam Mara and the Mouse-A Duet. Mr. Wroughton-Dumont Mrs. Pitt-Widow Lovet. Milton Oysters, in the manner of Leoni. Garrick's Examination of a Stage Candidate. Part IV. Ben Johnson and the Fish,-A Tale. An entire new Dialogue, in the manner of the celebrated Messrs. Foote and Weston, in the Shades. The whole to conclude with A Poetical Descant on the Universal Art of Imitation; In the Course of which will be introduced the following Characters, viz. The Country Lout-The City Apprentice-The Young Quaker-The Pettifogger-The Young Counsellor-The Judge-The Lobby Lounger-And Miss Dabb, a Nymph of the Green Boxes. Doors to be opened at Seven, and to begin at Eight O'Clock, precisely
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