Public breakfasting

Publication Date1790
Remainderat Keymer's Pavilion & Vauxhall Gardens On Wednesday and Friday mornings, in the assize week; and a concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music. Leader of the Band, Mr. Hindmarsh Principal Second Violin, Mr. Hewitt. Both from London. The Vocal Parts by Miss Williams, (from the Theatre Royal, Bath, being her first Appearance here) And Miss Harvey. Admittance One Shilling, Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate included. - The Concert to begin at Half past Eleven O'Clock. Bastile. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, in the Assize Week, The Garden and Pavilion Will be Elegantly illuminated, And a concert Of Vocal and Instrumental Music. First Violin, Mr. Hindmarsh-Principal Second, Mr. Hewitt. The Vocal Parts by Miss Williams, Mr. Keymer, and Miss Harvey. Several Favorite Songs in Character each Evening. Also, a New Pantomime. Never performed here, called, The Necromancer; Or, Harlequin du Bois. Harlequin, by a Gentleman. - Clown, by Signior Martinelli. - And Colombine, Mrs. Martinelli. In the course of the Pantomime, the following interesting Scenes will be exhibited: The Triumph of Liberty; or, Releasement, from the Bastile. Being a Picturesque View of the Outside of the Bastile, and Drawbridge-Inside of the Bastile-The various Instruments of Torture-Gloomy Cells-Skeletons-Wretched Victims chained in a variety of Postures, and liberated by the brave Henry Henry du Bois. The Whole of the Scenery painted on purpose by Mr. M. H. Keymer. The Machinery by Signior Pietro Martinelli. The whole to conclude with brilliant illuminations. With a Variety of Mechanical Movements, the Designs quite new, By Signior Martinelli. The Proprietor begs leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Norwich, and its Vicinity, that he has lately built a New Commodious Room, and erected an Orchestra and Large Stage after the manner of the Royal Circus, with a complete set of new scenery, in a superior stile of theatrical elegance to any thing of the kind introduced in a public garden on this side the metropolis, by which improvement, 500 persons may be accommodated in the Rotunda more than in the former state Admittance on Tuesday (being the first Opening of the New Orchestra and Stage) and on Wednesday and Friday Evenings, One Shilling. - On Thursday and Saturday Evenings, One Shilling, Sixpence to be returned in Liquor. Tickets of each Performance to be had of the Printers of the Norwich Papers, and at the Gardens. N. B. Both the Greens will have temporary seats, for the accommodation of those who prefer sitting in the Garden. - - The Concert each evening will begin at Half past seven O'Clock. - A capital Collection of Natural Curiosities to be sold cheap, and will be open for the Inspection of the Curious on Friday Morning
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