Thursday evening, Feb. 25th, 1790

Publication Date1790
RemainderAnd most assuredly the last time. By Permission of the Reverent the Vice-Chancellor,and the Worshipful the Mayor. In the Town-Hall, Cambridge, Mr. George Saville Carey, Who has been received with the greatest Applause before their Majesties, during their Residence at Weymouth, and at the Theatres Royal Covent Garden and Hay-Market, &c. And Mr. Kean, From the Theatres Royal Covent-Garden and Hay-Market, an Honorary Member of the Anaercontic Society, London, who has distinguished himself in the most eminent Manner in that convivial and elegant Circle, will open Their Evening Lounge, Consisting of a series of imitations, theatrical and senatorial, The Theatrical Characters, Vocal and Rhetorical. Characters imitated. Part I. - Mr. Carey. Garrick's Examination of a Stage Candidate. African Slaves' Appeal to Liberty, Mr. Woodward, Buck, Mr. Macklin, Macbeth. Mr. Edwin, Etiquette, Mr. Lowe, Early Horn, Mrs. Barthelemon, Mincet, Mrs. Pitt, Widow Lovet, Mrs. Cargill, Roundelay. Part II. - Mr. Kean. Shift's Introduction to Sir William Wealthy,-a Recital. Messrs. Hull and Holman, Friar Lawrence & Romeo.Mr. Waldron, Abraham in Harlequin's Invasion, Mr. Diggs, Cardinal Wolsey, Mr. Lee Lewes, Prologue to the Invasion, Mr. Bensley, Pierre in Venice Preserved, Mr. Wroughton,Grave Scene in Romeo and Juliet. Crotchet and Quaver, A Delineation of two eminent Music Venders in London. Part III. - Mr. Carey. Mr. Incledon, Machere Amie, Air in the Manner of Rubinelli, Mr. Leoni, Carlos in the Duenna, Miss Catley, Juno in her Cups, Mrs. Wells,Charming Fellow, Madam Mara, And the Mouse, Mrs. Baddeley, No Flower that blows, Barry, Garrick, and Smith, K.Richards. Part IV. - Mr. Kean. Foote's Smirk, (from the Minor) after the manner of a well known Auctioneer in London. The late Mr. Henderson, Iago. Mr. King, Prologue to Bon Ton, Messrs. Kemble and Quick, Hamlet and Grave Digger. Mr. Lamash, Jessamy, Mr. Bannister Senior, Richard Caeur de Lion. A Senatorialdialogue between Mr. P-tt and Mr. F-x, Part V. - Mr. Carey. A Dialogue in the Manner of the late Messrs. Foote and Weston. The Whole to conclude with Messrs. Vernon, Bannister, and Dignum, Serenade in the Jubilee: Admittance as. - Doors to be opened at Seven o'clock, and begin at eight. The Room will be lighted with Wax,and there will be good Fires.
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