The Harlot's progress

Publication Date1740
RemainderBeing the life of the noted Moll Hackabout, in six hudibrastick canto's. With a curious print to each canto; ingrav'd from Mr. Hogarth's originals. Containing, I. Her Coming to Town in the York Waggon; and being betray'd by an old Bawd into the Arms of Colonel Ch-s; with several comical Dialogues, &c. II. Her being kept by a Jew; with her Intrigues in his House. III. Her living in a Bawdy-House in Drury-Lane. A diverting List of the Decorations of her Lodging. Her being detected by Sir J-n G-n, &c. IV. Her Usage at Tothil-Fields Bridewell; and the Humours of the Place. V. Her Sickness and Death. Disputes between two noted Quacks. Her last Will. VI. Burial. Characters of the principal Assistants at the Funeral Pomp, &c. VII. A curious and entertaining Riddle, which Moll learned of the Jew, while in his Keeping, and which Colonel Ch-s could never answer to her Satisfaction. The sixth edition. Whereunto is prefix'd, never before printed, a most excellent ballad (sent from Scotland presently after the Burial of Col. Ch-s) intitl'd, Satan's defeat; or Jack Presbyter triumphant.
Publisherprinted for and sold by R. Montagu, at the General Post-Office, the Corner of Great Queen-Street, near Drury-Lane; likewise sold by C. Corbett, at Addison's Head, in Fleet-Street

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