Wit for the ton! The convivial jester; or, Sam Foote's last budget opened

Publication Date1779
RemainderContaining original and authentic anedotes, bon mots, jocose Remarks, poignant Repartees, whimsical Occurrences, queer Hums, inimitable Witticisms, &c. of that immortal Child of Humour The English Aristophanes; with authentic memoirs of his life and writings, and a particular Recital of the many laughable Incidents which befel him in the former, and the various whimsical Occurrences that gave rise to the latter. Since we mean to make you laugh, Our Motto is an Epitaph. Sam Foote is dead, yet do not weep; His Wit alive will ever keep; And tho' his Body's under Ground, You'll find his Humour here abound. Poor Sam now with the Worms resides, Yet here a Friend with Care provides Enough of him to shake your Sides. Then if a Tear should wet your Eye, Let it be Laughing makes you cry; With Spleen and Grief still be at Strife, You'll find in Wit and Mirth there's Life
PublisherPrinted for W. Adlard, No.10, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, and may be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country


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