Vox stellarum

Publication Date1727
Remainderbeing an almanack for the year of humane redemption 1727. Being the 3d from Bissextile, or Leap-Year. In which is contained all things fitting for such a work; as A Table of all the Kings Reigns, from King Egbert to this present Reign. A Table of Terms with their Returns. The Fulls, Changes, and Quarters of the Moon, the Conjunctions of the Moon with the other Planets. The Rising, Setting and Southing of the Seven Stars and other fix'd Stars of Note; with the Moon's Age to every Day of the Month; and a Tide Table fitted to the same. The Rising and Setting of the Sun and Moon, Mutual Aspects, Monthly Observations; and many other things useful and pleasant, rectify'd chiefly to the Meridian of London, but may serve for all Parts of Great Britain or Ireland. By Francis Moore, Licens'd Physician and Student in Astrology
Publisherprinted by Tho. Wood, for the Company of Stationers



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