Vertue betray'd

Publication Date1715
Remainderor, Anna Bullen. A tragedy acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's Theatre. Written by John Banks, Author of a Tragedy call'd, The Unhappy Favourite; Or, Earl of Essex. *** Newly Published, the 23d. Edition of that most Excellent French Grammar, writ by Claudiut Manger, with Additions enrich'd with new Words, and a New Method, and all the Improvements of that famous Language, as it is now flourishing at the Court of France, where is to be seen an extraordinary and Methodical Order of the acquisition of that Tongue, viz. a most Modish Pronunciation, the Conjugation of Irregular Verbs, Short and Substantial Rules; to which are subjoyned, a Vocabulary, and a most exact new Grammar of the English Tongue, with all Advantages that may make it desirable to Foreigners, Price 2 s. Ovid Travestic, or a Burlesque on Ovid's Epistles, by Capt. Alexander Radcliff, Price 2 s. The Innocent Vsurper: Or, the Death of the Lady Jane Grey, by the same Author. Newly Publish'd, the last New Tragedy, call'd, The Albion. Queens: or, The Death of Mary Queen of Scotland; as it is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. Price 1s 6d. - Where Gentlemen and Ladies may have all sorts of Plays and Novels.
Publisherprinted for R. Wellington, at the Dolphin and Crown, the West-End of St. Paul's Church-Yard



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