Providence display'd

Publication Date1712
RemainderOr a very Surprizing account of one Mr. Alexander Selkirk, Master of a Merchant-Man call'd the Cinque-Ports; who Dreaming that the Ship would soon after be lost, he desired to be left on a Desolate-Island in the South-Seas, where he liv'd Four Years and Four Months, without seeing the Face of Man, the Ship being afterwards cast away as he Dreamed. As also, How he came afterwards to be miraculously Preserv'd and Redeem'd from that fatal Place, by Two Bristol Privateers, call'd the Duke and Dutchess; that took the Rich Aquapulco Ship worth One Hundred Tunn of Gold, and brought it to England. To which is added, An Account of his Life and Conversation, Birth, and Education. His Description of the Island where he was cast; how he subsisted; the several strange Things he saw, and how he us'd to spend his Time. With some Pious Ejaculations that he used, Compos'd during his Melancholy Residence there. Written by his own Hand, and attested by most of the Eminent Merchants upon the Royal Exchange
Publisherprinted by J. Read, in White-Fryers



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