By desire of several ladies and gentlemen

Publication Date1797
RemainderPositively the last night of performing. By permission of the Right Worshipful the Vice-Chancellor, and the worshipful the Mayor. Signior Rosignol respectfully acquaints the ladies and gentlemen of the University and town of Cambridge and its vicinity, that on Wednesday evening, November 15th inst. he will perform his imitations, at the Black Bear Inn, in Shoemaker-Row, and most humbly solicits their patronage. Admittance, 2s. Will be exhibited the wonderful performance of Signior Rosignol; ... What is esteemed a very great curiosity, he will whistle any piece of music, by the power of his lungs, and perform a variety of favorite airs, minuets, overtures, and marches, with several other pieces of music, on a violin without strings; accompanied with a band of music. The favourite songs of the Lullaby, the Soldier Tir'd, and a Scotch song, will be sung by Miss Rosignol. Between the acts, Signior Rosignol will give his grand imitation of singing and other birds, ... Miss Rosignol will also sing Old Towler, accompanied by Signior Rosignol. ... To begin at half past 6 o'clock. Tickets to be had of F. Hodson, printer, and at Mr. Hellendaal's music-shop. Mrs. Rosignol will teach any lady to cut watch-papers, of different kinds, and paper for other purposes, with a pen-knife,or make two sorts of fringe; also straw hats, and artificial flowers; on very reasonable terms. Specimens may be seen by applying to Mrs. Rosignol
Extent1 sheet
PublisherF. Hodson, printer

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