By authority of the Lord chamberlain, Lyceum, Strand

Publication Date1794
RemainderEvery Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Evening, during Lent only, Will be presented, (in Three Parts,) Mr. Reeve's new entertainment, with additions, called, Mirth's Museum, or The Country Club: Consisting of Introductory readings and recitals, With original songs. The music, entirely New, by Mr. Reeve. The recitals by Mr. J. Wewitzer: Vocal Parts by Mr. Gray, Mr. Masters, Mrs. Iliff, and Mrs. Reeve. In Part I. will be introduced, among others, the following Subjects: Exordium-Humanity-a Tar's Gratitude-Charity-a Seaman's Preface to heaving off a Stave-Hibernian Remarks on Bull-Making, &c. &c. - and the following new songs: Exordium Ingratitude, or the Captive The Lavender Girl The Vestry Dinner Messmates at Sea, and The Antiquity of Bulls, or Paddy's Origin Bonny Wully End of Part I. the Celebrated overture to Oscar and Malvina, In which Mr. Courtenay will perform on The Union Pipes, Accompanied on the Harp by Mr. Wieppart. Part II. A Digression-Theatrical Hint-Matrimonial Congratulations-Extraneous Conversation-Introduction of a Market Girl-Bacchanalian Apology, &c. and the following new songs: Knowing Joe, and the Shew-Folk Goddess of the Silver Stream The Pedlar The Market Lass and The Huntsman's Rhapsody End of the Second, and in the Course of the Third Part. Several favourite Airs by Messrs. Courtenay & Wieppart. Part III. Digressive Hints on Love and Affection-Nautic Friendship-Loyalty, &c. &c. and the following new songs: My Journey is Love I never will Marry Ben Block, or the Sailor's Friend The Knife Grinder Finale, Song, and Chorus May Loyalty Flourish for ever Boxes, 4s. - Pit, 2s. 6d. - Gallery, 1s. 6d. The Doors to be opened at Half past Six O'Clock, and the Performance to begin at Half past Seven, precisely. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Lyceum, every Day. - Mr. Lingham, the Proprietor, begs Leave to assure the Public, that the Lyceum is elegantly fitted up for their Reception, with New Decorations, &c. &c. and, studious to please, every Endeavour will be exerted on his Part to merit Patronage and Support - Books of the songs to be had at the Lyceum
Extent1 sheet
PublisherPrinted by E. Spragg, No.4, Great Wild-Street, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields

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