A catalogue of books

Publication Date1788
Remaindercontaining several valuable collections, lately purchased. Amongst them are the following Rare Books: Religious Ceremonies, 7 vol. l. p. Banier's Ovid, Fr. & Eng. Temple of the Muses, Picart's cuts Montfaucon's Antiq. and Supplem. 8 vol. Stuart's Antiq. of Athens Strange's Prints, fine impressions Cupid and Psyche, by M. Antonio Rymsdyk's Museum Birtannicum Ruins of Balbec, large paper Spence's Polymetis, first impressions Dutch Voyages, 12 vol. first impressisus Sandrart's Works, in German, 6 vol. Des Barre's Atlantic Neptune Bleau's Atlas, 8 vol. royal paper Dunn's Atlas-Mundane System Blair Chronology, with the maps Surveys of Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Cheshire, Buckingham, &c. &c. Rennell's Bengal Atlas, and Map of Hindostan, 2 vol. De Lisle's Atlas, bound in russia Bracton de Legibus, a MS. on vellum Grotius on War and Peace - 1738 Excise Laws, best edit. East India Acts and Charters 1786 Blome's Bible, 2 vol. royal paper Whiston's Josephus, large paper Barclay's Ship of Fooles, b. l. Taylor the Water Poet, fine copy Chambers's Dict. and Sup. 4 vol. russia Motherby's Medicinal Dict. best edit. Gerrard's Herbal, by Johnson 1636 Gentleman's Recreation, fine copy Hill's British Herbal, and Fossils Hooke's Micrographia, fine impressions Beslery Plantarum, 2 tom. - 1612 Willughby's Birds and Fishes Hist. Anglicanae Scriptores, 2 vol. Hollandi Heroologia, first impressions Tanneri Bibliotheca Britannico-Hibernica Alcoran, in Arabic, bound in morocco Slezer's Theatrum Scotiae, large paper Claude Lorrain's Landscapes and Etchings Hogarth's Works, first impressions Carter's Antiquities Fouquet's Views in Amsterdam, 2 vol. Rademaker's Views in Holland, 2 vol. Views in Brabantia, by Hollar, &c. Oeuvres de Hedlinger Icones Operum Misericordiae Teniers Theatrum Pictorum Romaine de Hooge's Prints to the Bible and Testament, 2 vol. large paper Burton's Leicester, first edition Dart's Westminster Abbey, 2 vol. l. p. Dugdale's St. Paul's, best edit. - Monasticon Anglicanum - Summons to Parliament Edmondson's Heraldry, 2 vol. General Dictionary, 10 vol. Hughes's Barbadoes, large paper Kaempser's Japan, 2 vol. l. p. Leigh's Lancashire Plot's Oxfordshire, best edition Peck's Stamford, large paper Rycaut's Commentaries of Peru Rapin and Tindal, 5 vol. Raleigh's World, 2 vol. best edit. Thoresby's Leeds, fine copy Weever's Funeral Monuments, fine copy La Hypnerotomachia di Poliphilo 1545 Voyage Le Brun, 2 tom. large paper Cooke's Last Voyage, first impressions Harleian Miscellany, 8 vol. fine copy Drinkwater's Siege of Gibraltar Hardyng's Chronicle, b. l. - 1543 Henry Viith's Primer, original edition 1545 Lewis's Antiq. of Tenet, large paper 1736 Lloyd's Wales, by Powel, b. l. - 1585 Long's Astronomy, 2 vol. large paper Bp. Wilson's Bible, 3 vol. russia Gay's Fables, 2 vol. 4to. 1727 & 38 The Books, in general, are in exceeding good Condition; some of them in Elegant Bindings; and are now selling, very cheap, for Ready Money only, By Henry Chapman, Bookseller, No. 65, Chandois Street, Covent Garden, near Bedford Court; Removed from Old Round Court, Strand. Catalogues to be had of the following Booksellers (price 6d, allowed to the Purchasers of Ten Shillings): Mr. S. Hayes, No. 332, Oxford Street; Mr. S. Walker, Paternoster Row; Mr. Collins, Change Alley; Mr. King, New Broad Street; Mess. Fletchers, Oxford; Mess. Merrills, Cambridge; and at the Place of Sale. N. B. The Full Value given for any Library or Parcel of Books


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