Divine favour the highest honour of a king

Publication Date1791
Remainderand the greatest encouragement of a nation, proved in God's answering the prayer of King Solomon: the substance of a sermon, preached at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. John Sibree, at Frome in Somersetshire On Whit-Tuesday, June 14, 1791. Wherein the Encouragement and Comfort of Worshippers are Insisted on, from King Solomon being a Type of Him who is now both King and Priest in the World above. By the Rev. T. Priestley, Minister of the Gospel in London, &c. and Author of the New Exposition of the Holy Bible; and of a funeral discourse Preached before the Church in Jewin-Street, on the Death of the Late Countess Dowager of Huntingdon, &c.
Publisherpublished by the author at the request of many friends; and sold by Messrs. Hogg, Symonds, Parsons, Baldwin, Bew, and others, in Paternoster-Row; Jordan, Fleet-Street; Gurney, Holborn; Mathews, Strand; Murcatroyd, Chiswell-Street; Allen, and Cole, Greenwich; Button, Newington-Causeway; Murray, Prince's-Street; Delahoy, Deptford; the Door-Keepers at Spa-Fields and Sion Chapels, and by all Booksellers, Numbersellers, Stationers, and Newscarriers in Town and Country


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