The judgment of whole kingdoms and nations

Publication Date1710
Remainderconcerning the rights, power, and prerogative of kings, and the rights, priviledges, and properties of the people: shewing, The Nature of Government in general, both from God and Man An Account of the British Government, and the Rights and Priviledges of the People in the Time of the Saxons, and since the Conquest. The Government which God ordain'd over the Children of Israel; and that all Magistrates and Governors proceed from the People, by many Examples of Scripture and History, and the Duty of Magistrates from Scripture and Reason. Eleven Emperors, and above fifty Kings deprived for their evil Government. The Rights of the People and Parliament of Britain, to resist and deprive their Kings for evil Government, by King Henry's Charter, and by many Examples. The Prophets and antient Jews, Strangers to absolute Passive Obedience: Resisting of arbitrary Government is allow'd by several Examples in Scripture, by most Nations and by undeniable Reason. A large Account of the Revolution; with several Speeches, Declarations and Addresses and the Names and Proceedings of Ten Bishops, and above Sixty Peers, concern'd in the Revolution before King James went out of England. Several Declarations in Queen Elizabeth's Time of the Clergy in Convocation and the Parliament who assisted, and justified the Scotch, French and Dutch, in resisting of their Evil and Destructive Princes. Recommended as proper to be kept in all Families, that their Childrens Children may know the Birth-Right, Liberty and Property belonging to an English-Man. And that they may have a just Notion of Government and of Obedience, according to Scripture, Law and undeniable Reason. Written by a true lover of the Queen and country, who wrote in the year 1689. in vindication of the revolution, in a challenge to all Jacobites, which was answer'd and Printed with a Reply annex'd to it; and who wrote in the Year 1690. against absolute Passive-Obedience, and in Vindication of the Revolution; in a Challenge to Sir R. l'Estrange, Dr. Sherlock, and eleven other Divines; to which no Answer ever was made, which Challenges and Answer are to be seen in the first Volume of State Tracts in Folio, Printed in the Year 1705. who now challenges Dr. Hicks, Dr. Atterbury; Dr. Welton, Mr. Milbourne, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Lesley, Mr. Collier, Mr. Whaley and Mr. Tilly of Oxford, and the great Champion, Dr. Sacheverell, or any other Person to answer this Book.
Publisherprinted for, and sold by T. Harrison, at the West Corner of the Royal-Exchange, in Cornhill


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