A catalogue of books, containing many valuable articles, in ancient and modern literature. Among them are Antiquities of Herculaneum, 7 vols. Dalton's Manners of the Egyptians, plain or coloured Carter's Ancient Sculpture, 24 Nos. Gilpin's Tour, complete, 7 vols. Watt's Views, ditto Surveys of Essex, Kent, Surrey, &c. Antiquarian Society Prints Worlidge's Prints, old impressions D'auteroche Siberie, 4 vols grand papier Portraits des Hommes Illustres de Dannemarck Habits of the Levant, coloured Salvator's Roza's Etchings Picart's Temple of the Muses, l. p. Gower de Confessio Amantis, MS. on vellum La Roman de la Rose, ditto Rules of Winchester College, ditto Stuart's Athens, vol. 1. Dugdale's Monasticon Fuller's Worthies Harris's Voyages, 2 vols. best Hackluyt's ditto, 2 vols. best Barlow's Aesop Johnson on Gerarde Swammerdam's Insects Hudson's Dionysius, 2 vols. Dion Cassius Reimarii Justin - Venetiis, 1479 Rei Rusticae Edit. Princeps H. Stephens Thesaurus, Gr. 4 vols. l. p. Chinese Dictionary Sti. Basilii Opera, 3 vols. edit. opt. Sti. Bernardi Opera, 2 vols. edit. opt. Critici Sacri, et Thesaurus Philologicus, 12 vols. edit. opt. Pennant's Tours Phillips's Shrewsbury Vicar's Parliamentary Chronicle, fine copy Shaw's Travels, lest edit. Cook's Last Voyage, first impressions The Myrrour of Knighthood, 4 vols. Don Quixote, by Jarvis, 2 vols. with additional plates by Hogarth Thomson's Works, 2 vols. Swift's Works, 14 vols. Desagulier's Experim. Philosophy, 2 vols. Snelling's Coins Lavater's Physiognomy, 3 vols. Walpole's Royal and Noble Authors, 2 vols. Strawberry Hill, Rabbit Woman (tracts relative to) with prints by Hogarth, &c. Gentleman's Magazines from 1731 to 1772, 42 vols. They are now selling, this day, 1792, for ready Money only, at the low Prices marked in the Catalogue, and on the first Leaf of each Book, by Thomas King, Book Seller, No. 25, New Broad-Street. Catalogues may be had of the following Booksellers, Messrs. Sewell, Cornhill; Johnson, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Chapman, Chandos-Street; Fletcher, Oxford; Merrills, Cambridge; at T. King's Great Room, King-Street, Covent-Garden; and at the Place of Sale

Publication Date1792


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