Bibliopolii Husseyani

Publication Date1707
Remainderpars prima: or a catalogue of excellent and valuable Greek, Latin, English, Italian, French, Spanish, &c. books, In all Faculties and Sciences, and in all Volumes; well and fairly Bound, (many Gilt and Letter'd on the Back) being part of the stock of Mr. Christopher Hussey , Bookseller, Lately Deceas'd. Which will be sold by auction, at Tom's Coffee-House, adjoyning to Ludgate, on Monday the sixth of October 1707, beginning every Evening at Five a-Clock, till the Sale is ended. By Thomas Ballard, Bookseller. Catalogues may be had at Mr. Helmes's in Westminster-Hall, Mr. Archer's in Henrietta-Street, Covent-Garden; Mr. Paul Vaillant's over-against Bedford-House in the Strand; Mr. Freeman's within Temple-Bar, Mr. Clement's in St. Paul's Church-Yard, Mr. Aylmer's over-against the Royal Exchange, Mr. Hillier over-against St. Mary-Axe in Leaden-Hall-Street, Mr. Clements's in Oxford, and Mr. Thirlborn's in Cambridge, Booksellers; at the said Mr. Hussey's late Shop in Little-Britain, and at the Place of Sale


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