The debates at the East India House

Publication Date1797
RemainderAt two general courts, held on Thursday the 29th. of June, & Tuesday the 11th. of July, 1797 for the purpose of further considering a bill for regulating the trade to be carried on with India, by the ships nations at amity with His Majesty; and also on the Madras and Bombay judicature bill. Reported by William Woodfall
PublisherPrinted and published by T. Woodfall, No. 104, Drury-Lane; and sold (Price 3s.) by J. Murray and E. Highly, Fleet Street; and J. Debrett, Piccadilly of whom may be had the debates at the India House on Wednesday the 21st. and Tuesday the 27th of June last. And all the debates at the India House, reported by Mr. Woodfall

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