A catalogue of the valuable library of the learned James Thompson, esq; deceased; with a collection of a gentleman lately gone abroad: consisting of scarce and valuable books, in most languages and faculties, in the Greek, Latin, Italian, French and English Languages, most of them neatly Bound and Gilt, or Letter'd. Amongst many others are the following: Folio. General System of Horsemanship, 2 V. Salmasii in Plinianae, 2 T. Ch. Max. Roma Sotterania di Bosio. Military History, 2 Vol. History of China, 2 Vol. Camden's Britannia, by Gibson, 2 V. Golii Lexicon, Arab. - Latinum. Chauncy's Hertfordshire. Thoroton's Nottinghamshire. Raii Historia Plantarum, 3 Tom. Tillotson's Works, 3 Vol. Locke's Works, 3 Vol. Willoughby of Birds. Xenophontis Opera, Gr. Lat. Paris State Tryals, 6 Vol. Scriptores Decem, 2 Tom. Burnet's own Times, 2 Vol. Flamsteed's Atlas Coelestis. Bundy's Roman History, 6 Vol. Quarto. Perspective des Jesuites, 3 Tom. Ruyschii Opera, 2 Tom. Hoffman Medicina Rationalis, 8 Tom. Petronii Arbitri Notis varior. Panegyrici Veteres usum Delph. Aristidis Opera, 2 Tom. Juvenalis & Persius varior. 2 Tom. Wagenseilii Sota. Tournefort's Voyages, 2 Vol. Pomet on Drugs. Boerhaave's Chemistry, by Shaw. Ridolfi Vite Pittori, 2 Tom. Horatius Bentleii. Terentius Bentleii. Atlas Geographus, 5 Vol. Marianae Historiae Hispaniae. Mauriceau Maladies des Femmes, 2 T. Diogenes Laertius, Gr. Lat. 2 Tom. Wolfii Bibliotheca Hebraica, 4 Tom. Which will be sold very Cheap, the lowest Price of each Book being marked in the Catalogue, by William Bathoe, bookseller, In Church Lane, near St. Martin's Church in the Strand, almost opposite York Buildings. Catalogues to be had gratis at Mr. Lewis's Russel Street, Covent Garden, at St. Paul's coffee-house, Paul's Church-Yard, Mr. Owen's next the Devil Tavern, Fleet-Street, Mr. Merril at Cambridge; and at the place of sale. Where may be had Money for any Library, or Parcel of Books

Publication Date1749


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