An alphabetical list of the free burgesses, who polled at the late contested election for two burgesses to represent the town, borough, and corporation of Liverpool, in Lancashire

Publication Date1761
RemainderBegun, and held in the Exchange of the said town, on Tuesday, March 31, 1761, before the worshipful John Blackburne, Esq; Mayor, William Gregson and Robert Armitage, the younger, gentlemen, bailiffs, and finally closed Monday, April 6, 1761. Candidates, Sir William Meredith, baronet, and Sir Ellis Cunliffe, baronet, and Charles Pole, Esquire. Describing the trades, places of abode, and the days each freeman polled, from the original lists, taken by a clerk of the poll. To which is added, a genuine collection of the papers, addresses, songs, &c. printed by all parties, during the late contest
Extent60 p.
PublisherPrinted by R. Williamson, near the Exchange

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